## Version: 3.1 ## ## Release Date: November, 2018 ## ## Changelog: ## 1. For-sale landing page layout further optimized for maximum conversion. Similar, popular, featured domain list, "our partners" block, Ad codes on the landing page now optional - can be set in the Admin panel. Redudant links also removed from landing page. Minimum distractions - maximum concentration. 2. Traffic monetization codes for sidebar Ad zones implemented - still in test-mode. 3. Bulk Emailer enhanced to sent personalized mail messages to registered clients. Excellent tool for sending general announcements, season greetings etc. 4. Some bugs fixed in the domain list search mechanism. ## Version: 2.9 ## ## Release Date: August, 2018 ## ## Changelog: ## 1. Multi-lingual capability. Unlimited language packs (for professional, multi-user version), to turn any website into a truly international domain marketplace. Google real-time free translation codes also implemented for standard version. 2. Private Messaging System (for professional, multi-user version). Built-in Private Messaging System that enables easy conmunication between Buyers and Sellers, without revealing their identities, email addresses or contact details. ## Version: 2.8 ## ## Release Date: August, 2018 ## ## Changelog: ## 1. Domain landing page integration with popular third marketplaces. Apart from offer forms, which can be sent directly to domain owner, not leaving the landing page, buyers now have the option to buy domain directly from external markeplaces such as GoDaddy Auctions, Sedo, Flippa etc - 20 marketplaces in all. 2. Domain landing page analytics/metrics implemented. The metric codes are unique and focuse on gauging the effectiveness of domain landing pages: - Stats for type-in or click through traffic, country, date, time spent on each domain landing page, etc. - Exit stats to external payment gateways or/and third-marketplaces from domain landing page. - Stats for popular search terms, result counts, etc. ## Version: 2.6 ## ## Release Date: June, 2018 ## ## Changelog: ## 1. Escrow.com Integration implemented 2. Paypal and Stripe payment gateways implemented 3. Added optional function to log submitted offers into database before sending email to domain owner. This has partly resolved the problems bids/offers not arriving in the mail box, which may be as a result of many factors. 4. Some minor tweaks and optimzations. ## Version: 1.9 ## ## Release Date: May, 2018 ## ## Changelog: ## 1. Domain WHOIS data extraction (scraper ) functions included. Vital domain info can now be automatically extracted from remote whois server and inserted into the database for matching domains: * Extract Registration Date * Extract Expiry Date * Extract Domain age; * Extract Registrar name * Extract NameServer(s) * Extract other info. 2. Cost price (optional) column added. Domain data can now hold purchase price. May be useful if you buy domains at aftermarket and want to keep the information as reference for setting up your minimum asking price and calculating profit. By defualt the value has been set to $12 - being the average domain registration fee for most popular extensions. 3. Added option to show/hide domain profile, including WHOIS info, in the search result and domain landing page. 4. Minor tweaks and optimization. Notes on updating your DNHat to the latest version: download the latestest version, extract the package and use the installation wizard. All necessary updates will be done on the fly. Domain Whois bulk update for old version of DHNat. After upgrading to latest version, - Log in to the Admin Panel, - Go to domain manager. - Select the domains. To select all domains, tick/click the checkbox on the table header. - Click the domain whois bulk update button. - Wait while DNHat connects to whois servers. - Report will be displayed after the operation. ------------------- ## Version: 1.1 ## ## Release Date: Feb., 2018 ## ## Changelog: ## 1. Visual components and Layout completely revamped to accommodate latest versions of Bootstrap. 2. Over 20 themes/skins added for dynamic selection by website visitors or fixed theme/skin by Admin. 3. All existing 5 landing pages re-designed for more professional look and touch from 100 designs. 4. Landing pages are now skinnable. Before finally deciding on the landing page to stick with, be sure you have tested them for compartiblity with available themes/skins. Clear contrast between background color and text font color should be observed. 5. Optional display of random domains below the Landing pages. Specify Yes or No for this option in Admin panel (Customization / Advanced Settings / Landing Pages). 6. Domain search mechanism additionally improved - multiple categories, multiple domain extensions, multiple first letters can now be selected for inclusion in search criteria. So no more hidden domains due to poor search mechanism. the dire situation in the country doesn't deserve all these frivolities backtrack fasting forward Again, diasporas made Nigeria Proud “We are still trying to get all the details about that but we wanted to mention that we condemn in the strongest possible terms the terror attack on a school earlier this week in north-eastern Nigeria. “The choice of targets including schools, markets and places of worship reflect the brutality of terror organisations. === How do you where I am? What a fallacy? 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